Atlanta-based label creator Jimmy Bailey became formidable in streetwear through his contemporary, ready-to-wear garments. Only The Fresh Survive thrives on the idea of fashion-forward timeless pieces. 

Hot cools down. Fresh lasts forever. Triumph is built into every piece created with simple in mind.

OTFS is more than a streetwear design company. We are a lifestyle brand born from the sneaker culture, fast cars, a love of street BMX. We are the embodiment of black culture, tastemakers in Atlanta, what urban culture is made of.

With a greater sense of purpose, we tell stories that are relevant, necessary and authentic to our culture. OTFS is urban fashion. We are a Black owned and operated business. We are a welcoming space for creation, for evolution, for storytelling, and belonging.


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About The Founder

Jimmy “Jim Nyce” Bailey is the caretaker of the OTFS logo. His music industry pedigree started the early 90's and is rooted in Brooklyn, New York. He came onto the scene in some of the same circles as streetwear designers and original sneaker aficionados. Jim Nyce chronicles his background in the music industry and maintains his prominence in urban culture through Only The Fresh Survive. “Hot cools down, Fresh lasts forever,” is built into the fabric of everything he touches.


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